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Since 1990


With more than thirty years of experience, I have been committed to installing stretch ceilings. My journey began in a manufacturing factory, where I gained extensive knowledge of raw materials. Subsequently, I received training from one of the pioneers of the stretch ceiling system, further enhancing my expertise in this field.

Present Days

With a rich history spanning over 30 years in the stretch ceiling industry, I’ve witnessed the remarkable evolution of materials over time.

Reflecting on the past, stretch ceilings were initially favored to conceal imperfections in ceilings. However, as time has progressed, they have emerged as the ultimate solution for a myriad of ceiling needs. Today, stretch ceilings stand as the optimal choice for a wide spectrum of applications, whether it involves new constructions, aged structures, intricate designs, or ambitious renovation projects. The versatility and adaptability of stretch ceilings have truly transformed them from a solution for imperfections into an unparalleled choice for elevating and enhancing any ceiling space.

Having collaborated with Christian on numerous stretch ceiling projects over the years, I've developed a profound understanding of his expertise. This familiarity has provided me with a sense of professional relief, knowing in advance that the final result will undoubtedly meet the highest standards. Our shared experience and seamless collaboration have created a synergy that ensures not only a smooth process but also a consistently exceptional outcome in every stretch ceiling project we undertake.
Beroh Threfer

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